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Student Life

Athletics Club

The advantages of entering the athletics team are extensive. Physically, it supports a balanced lifestyle and produces key physical characteristics. Teamwork, problem-solving and communication skills are developed mentally, while socially, few extracurricular activities bring people together as athletics can.

Press Club

The Press Club is in charge of information dissemination in the school, publication of the bulletin, compilations of news articles and so on.

Visual Arts

The mission of the Visual Arts Club is to further the education of students in fine arts in the fields of painting, drawing and sculpture.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Club aims to demonstrate students’ talents in different performing arts, such as dance, singing and theatre, as well as to learn the skills necessary for visual and performing art work to be produced.

Drama Club

The Drama Club is a highly functional school club. The club members are responsible for the staging plays and they also co-ordinate cultural displays and take part in school productions.